Why Detox?

Why We Detox

When we say detox we aren’t talking about fasting. We aren’t talking about only drinking juices and lemon water. We love food a little too much for that, and we don’t think the liquids only approach to detoxing is very kind to the liver.

When we say detox, we are talking about jumpstarting your health through wholesome eating. Restoring your vitality. Discovering which foods nourish your body so that you can live your life can flourish.

To us and our clients, detoxing is a simple, effective way to clear away the junk from your body and lead you to a higher level of health.

Which Detox is the Right One?

Not all detoxes and cleanses are created equal, and we know this from first hand experience. We have made it our mission to craft balanced programs featuring delicious, nourishing food  to help you reach your health goals.

At Inspire Health Coaching, we offer 2 types of detox programming: Seasonal Detoxes which are done with a group, and Personalized Detoxes Programs, which are crafted to meet your individual needs. Both options are fully supported, giving you access to Health Coaches every step of the way. We aren’t a big fan of just giving people a guidebook and sending them off on their own. We think it is important to be there in order to provide, support, feedback, and to answer any questions that might come up.

So why do we need to detox?

Every single day both you and I come in contact with innumerable toxins. From the chemicals in the pillows we sleep on, to the detergents our clothes are washed in, and the exhaust fumes in the air we breathe, we live in largely toxic environments. A major portion of the toxins we come in contact with come directly from our food. Through conscious, informed choices we can reduce that number greatly– but whether or not we can eliminate it entirely remains to be seen.

Detox programs are a way to reduce the toxins we consume as much as possible. They give our bodies a little break, providing us with a chance to reduce system-wide inflammation and lead to true healing.

How often and how long?

We recommend following a detox regimen 3-4 times per year. The length depends on the person. If you have never participated in a detox program before, or you have one or more symptoms of severe inflammation and imbalance, a full 21-28 day protocol is recommended. If you consume minimal processed foods, eat primarily organic foods, and live a low toxin lifestyle, 7-14 days is usually all you need a few times a year.

What is the Low Toxin Lifestyle?

The Low Toxin Lifestyle is the path to sustainable wellness that we believe in. Low Toxin Lifestyles aim for responsible, mindful, and informed consumption. It involves taking a good look at the world around you, and then doing what you can to make the healthiest choices possible.

Clean Food

Be aware of and try to eliminate toxins we consume from our food. Trying to buy organic, and local when possible, is a huge first step. Conventional produce is riddled with pesticides, GMOs, and usually comes from nutrient starved soil. If your food is going to heal, not harm, you and your family then it is important to make sure it is the most nutritious food out there!

Clean Water

Drink clean water. Most of the water the comes out of the taps in America has loads of chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, and synthetic hormones in it. Out water filtration stations are good, but they aren’t removing a lot of the chemicals that we need to be protected from. Look into getting a water filtration system that is right for your home. There are tons of options out there, and if you are struggling to decide which option is best for you and your family, just send one of us an email. We are here to help!

Clean Body

Watch what you put on your body. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so rubbing toxins on it constantly in the form of lotion, makeup, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair products, deodorant, and the like is not necessarily a good idea. Be aware of what is in your body care products! When in doubt, check out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Guide. It provides a comprehensive list of what is in most self care products on the market.

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