Dental Teams

Dental Teams

Several years ago, Mary Beth began work with dental teams across America using the progressive Oral Systemic Health approach to patient care. She engages clinics systematically:

  • The first step involves establishing partnerships with team-leads, who will educate their staff members about the consequences of poor diet, stress and other lifestyle factors as catalyst for tissue inflammation and toxicity.
  • Subsequently, the broader team is inspired to participate in a 21-28 day radical nutrition & food-based detoxification program. This journey is strategically designed to dramatically reduce inflammation and teach participants what their body feels like in a “clean” state.
  • The combination of the knowledge-based education and experiential learning enables each participant to identify whole body issues. Participants now find they have a qualified foundation from which to credibly discuss holistic health factors with patients. These discussions serve as the critical first steps to addressing systemic health issues and result in the inflammation impact oral health outcomes.

Mary Beth trains dental practice staff and professional teams to:

  • inspire-health-coaching-hygienistunderstand and facilitate systemic health via dietary nutrition
  • address and eliminate tissue inflammation and toxicity
  • leverage progressive lifestyle and stress factor management
  • safely and methodically engage accelerated dietary and nutritional healing supplement 

Mary Beth also leads guided detoxification programs, and provides the requisite tools and context for their use within clinical settings. In conjunction with Inspire Health Coaching, its team of partners and affiliates, she works as a solution-focused referral partner to improve the health and lives of program participants, patients and the broader community.

Mary Beth Palmer-Gierlinger

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