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Speaking Opportunities

Looking for a speaker for your upcoming event, retreat, or conference? As the creators of Inspire Health Coaching, we love sharing ideas, inspiring positive change, and empowering healthy decisions. Some of the topics we can create presentations around include:

  • Detox Principles
  • The Low Toxin Lifestyle
  • Staying Healthy in a Busy World
  • 10 Steps to Long Term Weight Management
  • Menopause Survival Guide
  • Type II Diabetes Management and Reversal
  • The Protein Myth
  • Beating Sugar Addiction
  • Gluten 101: De-Mystifying the Latest Trend
  • Supplementation: Why, What, and When
  • Back-to-School Wellness: Children’s Immunity, Eating for Added Attention, and Healthy Lunches
  • Breaking the Stress Cycle
  • The Top 10 Steps to a Healthy Life
  • Growing Younger: How You Can Turn Back the Clock and Reclaim Your Vitality

We can tailor our presentations to meet your specific needs.  Contact us to discuss your next event and how we can work together to give your attendees a enlightening, positive experience.

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