myra's gorgeous faceEver since I did the Wellness Cleanse with Inspire Health Coaching, I have felt like a better version of myself: better, stronger, healthier, and lighter. This cleanse was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is ready to change their lives for the better!

– Myra L.

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When I started the cleanse I was always tired, bloated, and I wanted to lose the extra five pounds I had been carrying around. I was hoping to lose a little weight and to simply “feel better”. I got way more than that! I lost just under ten pounds, but more importantly, I feel healthy — from the inside out. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

– Hope E.

mary sue stonish ddsAs a wife, mother, full time career woman, cancer survivor ,and a the big 5-0 around the corner, I can honestly say that health has become a big focus in my life. “Garbage in-garbage out” as they say. Mary Beth, through Inspire Health Coaching, has focused with me on meal planning, understanding the origins of my issues and being able to make wellness fun. She is committed, knowledgeable and has the passion to change lives. I have experienced her one-on-one and have employed her skills to educate other patients of mine in a group setting. She is fantastic with an audience. She would be an asset to any organization bringing health and wellness to any audience.”

– Mary Sue Stonisch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD

Since I gave birth to my daughter in January of 2012, I have had chronic health issues. I was getting infection after infection for months. One doctor would put me on an antibiotic, the infection would disappear and several weeks later, I would get something else. In April of 2012, I started getting a rash on both of my breasts. I assumed that it was just from my daughter teething as I was nursing at the time.

I went to my general practitioner, OBGYN, dermatologist, allergist, breast feeding specialists (who were pediatricians) and even a breast specialist. I seemed to stump everyone. The breast specialist told me “This is something we put in a medical book.”

The rash continued to get worse because all of the doctors kept putting me on new drugs that were killing good bacteria in my system. The rash eventually spread to my eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks and hands. After being on steroids for almost a month and quitting nursing, the rash left my breasts but it got horrible on my face. Everywhere I went people were staring at me because my face was so swollen. It was awful.

I finally called Mary Beth and she told me that she thought I had yeast in my system. She told me that when people are put on antibiotics, good bacteria is killed and yeast can start to take over. When you mix that with a high sugar diet (which I did), you can have real problems. And let me tell you… I had REAL PROBLEMS!

Mary Beth got me on a reduced sugar diet and probiotics. She told me to eat lots of vegetables to help give my body the nutrients it needed. It took several weeks, but I never felt better in my life! I suddenly had tons of energy, I wasn’t itching nearly as much and looked like a normal person! I am still on a reduced sugar diet (this will be the case for several months) and I have not had an infection in two months! I finally got my body back and I am so thankful to Mary Beth for all of her help. I highly recommend hiring her as your health coach. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and has helped me so much with my health! Thanks Mary Beth!”

– Kate G.

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