Flora 200-14
Seven Day Intensive

Flora 200-14
Seven Day Intensive


Flora 200-14 is an intensive probiotic program designed to repopulate flora populations effectively in 7 days. This formula is a complete synergistic union of 200 billion cells from 14 non-competing bacterial strains. Flora 200-14 provides effective higher potencies of bifidobacteria strains and balanced additions of lactobacilli strains including inflammation support from the well-documented Lactobacillus salivarius strain. In total, all 14 strains have been clinically researched as the best combination of probiotic strains to effectively repopulate the transient and resident probiotic populations of the complete digestive tract and mucosal membranes. With 200 billion cells and 14 strains Flora 200-14 will provide immediate support for detoxification programs, digestive issues, compromised immunity and inflammatory conditions.

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• Clinical strength – professional use only

• Easy to administer vegetarian capsule

• Exceptionally pure

• Nothing artificial or synthetic

• Suitable for vegetarians

• Tested free of gluten, dairy and soy

• Selected only from viable strains naturally present in the human intestinal tract


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Seven Day Intensive”

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